scalable storage- and operating solutions

About us

D-ware is a Swedish software development company with focus on scalable storage- and operating solutions. D-ware develop and deliver products and services with high physical and electronic security to our business partners.

We are dedicated to develop and support efficient and well-coordinated business automation processes, often referred to Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture.

Our goal is to be the prefeered partner for deliverence of reputable products and services that, in close collaboration with other business critical systems, create an efficient and safety-oriented work process.

our core values

The quality

The work process and system support are crucial for the customer. We acknowledge and understand that. In everything we do.

cost effective

Our solution offering withstands any comparison. We welcome Your customers review. Both in terms of pricing and efficiency.


It takes some years of hard work to become best-in-class. We have many years in the market. We have what it takes and we perform accordingly.

to you. with love.

This is what we do. Because we love it. Simple as that.



The Core in D-safe – the expanable and efficient archive 

The storage platform for documents, images, movies etc – everything that needs to be stored and easy accessiable. Fast and accurate.


The Interaction in D-safe – the modern rest API for storage and retrieval. 

Modern, fast and reliable interface för storage and retrieval. Developed for easy and efficient integration to other systems.


The Webbases retrieval GUI – the secure access to files through the webb.

• Secure access to the storage platform, through any browsers. 

• Limit the access to sensitive data

• Complete and cost effective user interface for Document Management systems (DMS)

• Supports GDPR


We are proud to be able to deliver our products through a number of well-reputed partners. Each partner represents a number of different business areas and end-customers. 

The D-ware products and services are delivered and maintained through our partners and are usually vital components in major business-critical solutions.


Existing End-Customers and users: Questions/support/installation and prices – Please contact Your Partner/reseller.

Tech questions, partner inquires etc: Please send us an messages!